Seeing Bright with SureFire

#AD I'm the kind of mom who believes in getting in the car and going- and by that, I mean packing up my boys are road tripping to the beach, amusement parks and beyond. I love fueling them with the passion to escape and explore- and our getaways equate to memories I'll cherish forever.

Often times, we leave my husband at home, because admittedly, he's grinding at work. He's very supportive of our "get up and go time," even though many other moms look at me as loony for traveling solo with my three boys under four.

It doesn't really scare me, however- except the one thing always in the back of my mind is safety. I try to avoid driving at night, but I'm guilty as charged, as well as pulling into our hotel past bedtime and walking them (alone) from the parking garage to our room.

I practice all those safety "don'ts," like avoiding distractions such as talking on my cell phone, but I'm all for gearing up on items that would surely help us in case of emergency or an unwelcome encounter.

I've recently come across the SureFire Sidekick, a little gadget with strong force. Originally designed for military personnel, it's now my new traveling aid.

The Sidekick is a convertible light that shines very bright- and by that, I mean it literally could stun someone in the eye. (MUCH less intimating and easy to operate than a taser.) It's small enough to fit in your hand, purse, or dangle from your keychain- a high quality flashlight that flaunts three different shine tiers all with a simple press of a button.

Consider it a safety key FOB- letting you see VERY clear in the dark. The ultra-compact, powerful LED illuminator is designed to attach to keys, and most importantly, for use in case of emergency. In fact, I've started holding it when walking dark streets with my kids or parking at night. It makes me feel safer, and have no doubt the light would ward a bad guy away. And if worse came to worse, I would shine it straight in someone's face and attempt escape. All in all, it provides peace-of-mind navigation and a wide range.

Specific features include:

*Smooth 300-lumen MaxVision Beam

*Range well past 50 meters

*Easy click-type switches to access three output levels

*Weather resistant

*Comes with a split ring for versatile attachment

The Sidekick is ideal for everyone- especially traveling mamas- keeping in mind your cell phone flashlight doesn't come close to its strength. Plus, it's easily rechargeable via its micro-USB port using a wall or car charger.

As we head into summer, and vacation season, I'm thrilled to offer the Sidekick at a whopping 50% off. It's a safety item you didn't know you needed- and you'll find yourself using it much more than expected. (Camping, reading, fitness, hiking, work and more.)

Shop with coupon code: "boyz" to score your Sidekick on discount. And happy traveling, moms! Get in the car and go... there's not much to fear if you're well prepared. Click here to purchase.