The Feng Shui Nursery

Designing a nursery is intimidating. You want it to be perfect and pristine; picturesque for your little one. In my case, I strived for creating a calm and elegant retreat for my second born. I wanted him to have a quiet place to sleep so he could escape the every day hustle and bustle of his toddler brother.

In my quest to create a tranquil nursery, I have learned quite a lot. In fact, I sought insight from my friend Bailey Gaddis, a birthing doula and certified hypnotherapist. Bailey is dubbed the Feng Shui Mommy, and opts for Feng Shui when designing a peaceful living space.

I am now going to share with you what Bailey shared with me: ways you can utilize Feng Shui to make baby's room relaxing and serene.

1. Clutter-Clear

Clutter sucks our energy. If you don't love it, or use it regularly- release it. We want all your belongings to make you feel good. Find a home for everything- this prevents the "random stuff" pile that stagnates energy. Do a 'stuff sweep' at the end of every day. Turn on some music and return all belongings to their home. You'll sleep better and wake up energized for the day ahead.

2. Carefully Choose Color Scheme

Skin tones are peaceful and provide a clean canvas for fun pops of color. If neutrals are too boring for you, select a soft tone of your favorite color. The most important consideration is that the colors in the space make you feel good.

Here’s a colorful breakdown:

  • Soft yellows promote cheerfulness and a sense of connectedness.

  • Light greens and blues represent nature and growth. Green inspires mental development while blue inspires calm. The two colors are beneficial to the child’s development throughout all stages of growth.

  • Pink hues encourage curiosity and creativity.

  • Red is very stimulating. Only bring it out during play-time.

3: Consider Furniture Placement

Wood is the best material for nursery furniture as it is the symbol of life and growth. It is also very grounding. Aim to avoid placing the crib flush against a wall (unless the wall is directly behind baby’s head) so the energy can circulate around baby. This also helps to prevent baby from accessing cords from blinds, or other hazards. Finally, have minimal furniture in the room to promote spaciousness and exploration.

4. Promote Good Air Quality

Fresh air is ideal. When the weather is nice, open the windows. If baby is mobile, place a guard in the window to prevent falls. Tabletop rock fountains (placed out of baby’s reach) can humidify and cleanse the air. Opt for a small palm—they are great air purifying houseplants.

5. Happy Lighting

Natural lighting is optimal. In the evening, it is best to have three sources of lighting at three different levels. For example, two small table top lamps and a secure floor lamp. When it’s bedtime, turn on a gentle night-light. (Pink Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps provide a nice glow and calming energy.) Steer clear of overhead and fluorescent lighting.

6: Utilize Essential Oils

Place an essential oil diffuser in the nursery with a mixture of lavender and chamomile essential oils when it's bed-time (3 to 6 drops of each). Use peppermint, or another stimulating scent of choice, when it's playtime. You can also mix a few drops of essential oil with carrier oil like Jojoba or Coconut oil and massage it on the soles of baby's feet. A few drops of orange essential oil will quell unpleasant odors coming from a diaper pail.

7: Incorporate Mirrors, Chimes, and Crystals

These three items promote a positive free flowing energy:

  • Mirrors enhance natural light and baby's social development. If it's going to be on baby's level make sure it is baby-safe.

  • Windchimes hung near a window stimulate the positive energies in the nursery, along with baby's curiosity.

  • Hanging a small light refracting crystal in a window invites magic, kindness, and warmth into the nursery.

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