5 Tips for a Blissful Childbirth

I've had two c-sections. I don't know why this childbirth "method" gets such a bad wrap; just like our natural birth counterparts, us c-section "club members" still go through a lot. We literally have a doctor cut us open, remove a baby, and sew us back up-- and that's not to mention the recovery. (I'll skip the gruesome details.) Regardless if you've had a c-section or natural childbirth, striving for a blissful childbirth experience is essential.

I remember shaking (seriously unstoppable shaking) leading up to my surgery. I didn't know how to calm myself--a whirlwind of emotions took over my body. I was scared, nervous, excited, exhilerated, etc-- my mentality simply took over my physical persona.

I wish I had known of Bailey Gaddis back then. Bailey calls herself the Feng Shui Mommy, and her goal: to guide women through a peaceful pregnancy and help them achieve an enjoyable birth experience.

So today I am sharing Bailey's five principles for a blissful childbirth. Next time you find yourself birthing a child, these methods will come in handy.

1. Relaxation

The tension--or relaxation--in your facial muscles have a direct correlation to your pelvic region. Throughout labor, periodically place your awareness on softening the muscles in your face and allowing your lower jaw to droop down- this will cause your pelvic region to gently relax and open. If you need extra inspiration, ask your partner for a juicy kiss.

2. Breathing

Your breath is the surest path to serenity and pain relief (for both you and baby) throughout childbirth. With each contraction, focus on slowly and fully inflating your abdomen with oxygen and exhaling to the same slow and full count. In between contractions, practice intentional and gentle breathing.

3. Affirmations

The words you play in your mind create your reality. Select two to three positive birthing affirmations, write them down, and speak them out loud daily. On the day of your baby’s birth, post them somewhere visible and ask your birthing companion to recite them to you on a regular basis.

Here are two examples:

“My baby safely, gently, and easily moves through and out the birth path.”

“All forces are aligned to create my happy and healthy birthing experience.”

4. Visualization

Much like the words you play in your mind, the images you see in your mind also serve to create your reality. Seek out positive birth videos, time lapse videos of flowers effortlessly unfolding (just like your body will do during birth), and any other images that fill you with hope and courage for the journey of your baby’s birth.

5. Hypnosis

The focused state of relaxation achieved through hypnosis can reprogram your mind, replacing the negative with positive. Our culture is flush with negative birthing beliefs that many women are bombarded with from a young age. Learning to access your subconscious mind through hypnosis can allow you to wash away the fear surrounding childbirth and in its place, leave a deep knowing that you can, and will, have a beautiful and healthy birthing experience.

Check out a comprehensive video covering these techniques by clicking here.

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