17 Exciting Firsts During Year One

As moms, we go gaga over just about anything cute our children do. We try to capture everything on camera, and proceed to post it on Facebook for the world to see. (Guilty as charged.) Sometimes, we go a little too far with over-sharing; just the other night I found myself showing a waiter photos of my kids (like he cared). Truth is-- many of us are obsessed with our babies.

I try to keep track of every single milestone that I plan on recording in the baby books I haven't started for my sons. I'm determined to never ever ever miss a first, and so far, I haven't missed much. It's incredible everything that happens during baby's first year, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I've been brought to happy tears witnessing such milestones.

Here's my list of 17 firsts most moms get excited over during year one.

1. The first poop. It's black, tar-like, and bizarre looking…but it's extremely rewarding (for some odd reason) to us moms.

2. The first smile. Usually caused by relieving gas, but that adorable gummy smile is simply swoon-worthy.

3. The first roll. OMG, they can move! And they are the strongest baby in the world. That first roll makes us so darn proud.

4. The first laugh. Music to our ears and tears in our eyes. As moms, this melts our hearts.

5. The first tickle-caused laugh. We love making our children happy--what's better than making them giggle?!

6. The first time they sit (until falling over). Head control…check. Balance…check. Sitting…check! It's just so cute.

7. The first time they eat puree. Most babies tend to gravitate toward that bewildered-what-the-heck-was-that look and us moms find it hysterical.

8. The first babble…especially when that babble happens to be "mama." We convince ourselves that "mama" is their first official word because we, of course, are their best friends FOREVER.

9. Their first real trick… whether it be clapping, picking their nose, making a funny noise on demand, etc… this first is so funny!

10. The first scoot/army crawl. This comes before crawling--when they're starting to be mobile. We praise their sense of determination to move.

11. The first rock; again, before the official crawl. This is when they get on their hands and knees and rock back and fourth.

12. The first crawl! Success! Our little newborn is now a moving little person! (And now we are crying, in denial they are growing up too fast.)

13. The first "real" solid, like a meltable cracker. Get your camera phones ready to capture this momentous milestone. It's usually quite entertaining to witness.

14. The first real play. Yes, your baby has been playing with toys from day one, but now he's not just seeing how they taste or feel. This first is a cool one--watching your child babble on a toy phone or roll a ball.

15. The first time he pulls himself up… And we thought crawling was a big deal! It's just so exciting.

16. The first time he walks assisted (with a walker or holding your hand). OMG, where did our baby go?

17. The first unassisted step. Tears of joy.

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