7 Potty Training Tips

The day has come. My toddler can remove his clothes, take off his diaper, and attempt the potty. While we haven't fully entered the adventure in toilet training, we are starting to introduce him to his own very special potty.

Like many moms, I turned to Google researching the best potty, as if one has magic training powers. While I didn't find a potty that trains your kid, I did come across a highly rated brand that sells products for all stages of potty training: Prince Lionheart. (Go figure-I chose the company associated to royalty for my little king.)

I chose the following three items (see our GEAR section for more details):

The Cushiony PottyPOD; a soft, anti-microbial, and safe convertible potty.

The weePOD Toilet Trainer; a seat for big boy toilets with handles.and the matching

stepSTOOL; a slip-resistant stool for little boys and girls.

All arrived in a very contemporary grey to please my husband.

Upon opening the PottyPOD, we did an experiment: undressed my toddler and sat him down. Within seconds, he peed, smiling ear-to-ear...and I cried. My baby was growing up. He was glowing with victory. I too, was proud.

However, we definitely have a long road ahead of us.

Kelly McConnell, the CEO of Prince Lionheart was kind enough to provide potty trainingtips for moms like me--those putting off the inevitable task of toilet training. She says parents must seize the day when your child starts showing interest in graduating from diapers. Signs include: wanting to be changed promptly after pooping, fascination with the bathroom/toilet, and telling you when nature calls. You want to purchase quality equipment that won't leave red marks on their thighs, topple over, or slip and cause them to fall off...or in.

1. Practice patience and make sure they are comfortable. Stash books (lots of them) in the bathroom and read aloud while they await going #2.

2. Dedicate a weekend/few days when you are committed to seeing this through. Consistency is key if you can swing it. (Cheerio targets work for boys!)

3. Praise parties work. You can model the desired behavior with a favorite stuffed toy so your child tries to model the same behavior.

4. Go for incentives. Consider a marble jar (up high and out of reach). Let him choose little marbles after a successful pee and big marbles for poo to earn a highly coveted prize. Bribes work too – yes, opt for candy.

5. Try naked training. Children seem to be more in touch with their bodies without underwear or diapers muting the signals.

6. Keep a potty in front of cartoons. Challenge your child to comfortably sit on his pottyPOD until nature calls. They are entertained, content, and very proud once they can reveal their victory.

7. Breathe and stick with it. Your child will not graduate high school in diapers.

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