10 Annoying Toddler Things

I love my kids more than anything. It's obvious. I write about them, Facebook their pics, Tweet their updates, and have surrendered my adult life to be their mom, best friend, playmate, diaper changer, feeder, and maid. Seriously, I drop anything to hold their hand, offer a snuggle, or build Lego towers. I know I walk the fine line of being an annoying, overbearing, overprotective, over-social media sharing boy mom, but they're my little soul mates and biggest blessings.

WITH THAT BEING SAID, my first born is now two, and overnight, has turned into a toddler.

Therefore, I thought I'd make a delightful list of things my son has started to do that is annoying as F*!%.

1. He takes off his clothes…and diaper. Kudos, son, you figured it out. Some of me is proud of your self sufficient tendencies. You clearly have fantastic coordination to flawlessly unzip and remove your PJs. However, pulling off the diaper has become a problem considering you think marking your territory is pretty funny.

2. Learning how to open the fridge. Surely, I am proud of his strength—pulling the refrigerator door takes a lot of upper body muscle. (He's got good arms!) But I must admit: it's a little obnoxious that he likes squeezing bottles of ketchup, mustard, and ranch ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

3. He can unlock doors. I thought I was sly baby proofing, but my little man is on to me. I'm just waiting for the day he locks me out of the house.

4. He has almost perfected climbing out of the crib. My plan was to keep my son crib-bound until at least 3; I'm really not ready for him to roam free. It seems as if my plan is a bust. Any day now I anticipate his escape.

5. He dumps toys all over the floor. It's as if making a mess is a game. I am specifically referring to the play grocery cart full of fake food that is scattered on the floor nearly 50 times a day.

6. In relation to #5, he has yet to fully understand the concept of cleaning up. (Or he does understand and could simply care less.) I know he knows how to put his things away--he's a savvy little guy. However, I just don't think cleaning interests him.

7. He is obsessed with a freaky YouTube version of Wheels on the Bus. He wakes up begging to watch it. He knows every move--and it really is cute--but I now dream of the bus because it's engraved in my brain.

8. He laughs when I attempt discipline. For some reason, the word "No," makes my son burst into hysterics. I know I'm not the best at playing the mean mom card, but I won't stand for his habits of hair pulling or pushing his brother down. Therefore, I've gotten pretty adamant about threatening time out and forcefully saying "No." Whenever this happens, however, my son starts cracking up, and because his laughter is so swoon-worthy, I then begin to giggle. Clearly he doesn't take my efforts seriously.

9. And when I do follow through with effective discipline, this happens. I put him in time out (in his crib), and leave him there for a few minutes. Instead of him being upset, he starts jumping up-and-down and jabbering to himself. At least he self entertains. Nicholas-1; Mommy-0 when it comes to time out.

10. Finally, he definitely has me wrapped around his finger. I admit, I'm kinda a push-over because he'll look at me with his sweet enticing eyes and I just melt. He'll only be a toddler so long and I choose to savor it all--even the annoying things.

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