The most important person in a son's life is his mom.


I wanted to create an outlet for everything boy mom because I have morphed into a Lego-loving lady. While I once dreamt of pink, pig tails and princesses, my sons have become the biggest blessings in my life.


Here's how this site works.


  • Mama's List: to-the-point product reviews catered to boys.

  • Travel: simple and sweet family travel getaways and attractions.

  • The Blog: documents my adventures in mothering the male species.


Like you, I'm sure, the moment I met my first born, I fell in love. Sorry husband, but I had birthed my soul mate. And then came my second...suprise...another boy! OMG, I didn't know my heart had the capacity to love TWO...but it did. It even has the capacity to love THREE. Yep, I'm a blessed boy mama to three little men: Nicholas, Zachary and Alexander.


Boys love their moms; there's truth behind mama's boys. We'll always be their first love, and we'll always have a piece of their heart.


I appreciate you stopping by!





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